DIVA Day 2014

Announcing the winner of the first DIVA Day Student Competition:

Salma El Ahmar
Sapienza University of Rome

Congratulations Salma!

And congratulations to our first runner-up:

Niloufar Emami of The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor


our second runner-up team:

Justin Schwartzoff, Nicole Peterson and Michael Gilbride of The University of Washington IDL

See their winning entries here!

Thank you to all of the students who submitted their work and

everyone who attended DIVA Day 2014! Seattle was a success!

The presentations from the day of the conference website are online now!


What is DIVA-for-Rhino?

DIVA-for-Rhino is a highly optimized daylighting and energy modeling plug-in for the Rhinoceros - NURBS modeler. The plug-in was initially developed at the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University and is now distributed and developed by Solemma LLC. DIVA-for-Rhino allows users to carry out a series of environmental performance evaluations of individual buildings and urban landscapes including Radiation Maps, Photorealistic Renderings, Climate-Based Daylighting MetricsAnnual and Individual Time Step Glare Analysis, LEED and CHPS Daylighting Compliance, and Single Thermal Zone Energy and Load Calculations.

New in DIVA-3.0 is the ability to simulate the IES-LM-83 sDA and ASE standards as well as detailed electric lighting.

Presentations and audio from DIVA Day 2014 have been posted!


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Solar irradiation

Started by Rasmus Holst in DIVA-Grasshopper. Last reply by Jouri Kanters 4 hours ago. 13 Replies

Hi.Is there a way to find the solar irradiation at a single time? To find the actual irradiation on a surface at that specific time? And not through a whole day as a minimum. I know you can set at time in DIVA for Rhino, but how about in…Continue

Illegal horizontal view size

Started by Randolph M. Fritz in DIVA-Rhino (version 3.0). Last reply by J. Alstan Jakubiec 4 hours ago. 1 Reply

C:\DIVA\Temp\LG1>rpict -t 15 -vtv -vp -199.677 -816.523 5335.816 -vd 79.413 233.467 -4369.496 -vu 0 0 1 -vh 0 -vv 0 -vs 0 -vl 0 -af LG1.amb -x 1600 -y 1200 -ps8 -pt .15 -pj .6 -dj 0 -ds .5 -dt .5 -dc .25 -dr 0 -dp 128 -st .85 -ab 2 -aa .25 -ar…Continue

Student license for version 3.0

Started by Alireza Hashemloo in DIVA-Rhino (version 3.0). Last reply by J. Alstan Jakubiec 4 hours ago. 1 Reply

Hi,I have a student license for the existing installation of Diva (version 2) on my computer that expires in February 2015.I was wondering if I need to submit a new request for a student license to use with the Diva version 3.I also wanted to ask if…Continue

Tags: license

Annual Glare

Started by Eddy in DIVA-Rhino (version 3.0) 19 hours ago. 0 Replies

Hi, I ran annual glare calculation and I got an permission error. Here is the error message that I got:Source: Microsoft VBScript runtime errorError: Permission deniedLine: 11I believe I already have writing permission and administration in…Continue

Gundhall test failed

Started by Belal Khalid Abboushi in DIVA-Rhino (version 3.0). Last reply by Belal Khalid Abboushi on Wednesday. 4 Replies

Hello,I'm trying to get started using rhino so i followed along with the tutorial on Gundhall but when i hit simulate the model doesnt show up and i get get only the ground surface rendered. Did i miss one of the steps?…Continue

Continuous Daylight Autonomy Calculation failure

Started by Randolph M. Fritz in DIVA-Rhino (version 3.0). Last reply by Randolph M. Fritz on Tuesday. 2 Replies

When I attempt to run a cDA calculation on a space which has no blinds, I get a "No blind groups specified" message, followed by "WARNING: DGP profile: C:\DIVA\temp\L3-slra-DA\L3-slra-DA.dgp not found" and an apparent failure.What's up with this?Continue


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