Announcing Archsim

DIVA 4.0 beta will debut at DIVA Day 2015!

We are pleased to announce that Archsim - the multi-zone energy simulation plugin for Grasshopper - is now part of the DIVA environmental performance analysis suite. Starting with DIVA 4.0, Grasshopper users will be able to seamlessly combine annual daylight availability and glare analysis with thermal simulation studies for fully conditioned and naturally ventilated buildings.

DIVA 4.0 beta will debut at DIVA Day 2015 on October 23 in London, England. Join us to learn about DIVA 4.0 and more on October 22 and 24 at our DIVA Day training courses.

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What is DIVA-for-Rhino?

DIVA-for-Rhino is a highly optimized daylighting and energy modeling plug-in for the Rhinoceros - NURBS modeler. The plug-in was initially developed at the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University and is now distributed and developed by Solemma LLC. DIVA-for-Rhino allows users to carry out a series of environmental performance evaluations of individual buildings and urban landscapes including Radiation Maps, Photorealistic Renderings, Climate-Based Daylighting MetricsAnnual and Individual Time Step Glare Analysis, LEED and CHPS Daylighting Compliance, and Single Thermal Zone Energy and Load Calculations.

New in DIVA-3.0 is the ability to simulate the IES-LM-83 sDA and ASE standards as well as detailed electric lighting.

Presentations and audio from DIVA Day 2014 have been posted!


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sun position and irradiance as input parameters?

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Hi All,Together with colleague from the mechanical team we would like to investigate different façade glass parameters configuration (g and Lt) in regards to solar gain and internal lighting gain. The façade is equipped with venetian blinds that…Continue

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Seeking help for error

Started by Bunny in DIVA-Rhino (version 3.0). Last reply by J. Alstan Jakubiec on Monday. 1 Reply

I'm a student from HongKong.Recently,I installed DIVA for RHINO,but DIVA cannot run in my computer.None of my classmates meet the same problem,it drive me crazy……I have reinstalled RHINO and DIVA several times……so sad.QAQ…Continue

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Create own nodes?

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GenCumSky Documentation

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Hi Everyone,One of our engineers is interested in reviewing gencumsky equations, can anyone point me to where I can find documentation?Cheers.Continue


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