Diva Day 2017

October 27

UC Berkeley

Register now for DIVA Day 2017! DIVA Day is an annual symposium to discuss the use of DIVA and associated environmental analysis tools in design practice, research and architectural education.


What is DIVA-for-Rhino?

DIVA-for-Rhino is a highly optimized daylighting and energy modeling plug-in for the Rhinoceros - NURBS modeler. The plug-in was initially developed at the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University and is now distributed and developed by Solemma LLC. DIVA-for-Rhino allows users to carry out a series of environmental performance evaluations of individual buildings and urban landscapes including Radiation Maps, Photorealistic Renderings, Climate-Based Daylighting MetricsAnnual and Individual Time Step Glare Analysis, LEED and CHPS Daylighting Compliance, and Single Thermal Zone Energy and Load Calculations.


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Ground Plane in DIVA Grasshopper

Started by Jacob Dunn in DIVA-Grasshopper (version 4.0) on Friday. 0 Replies

Hey all - quick question: do we need to model a ground plane when using DIVA in grasshopper?  Previous posts on this forum have said yes, but I noticed that there is a hidden input in the annual component that says 'ground reflectance."  If I modify…Continue

Tags: plane, ground

Ground Plane

Started by Urtza in DIVA-Rhino (version 3.0). Last reply by Jacob Dunn on Friday. 8 Replies

Dear experts,I am trying to run a visualization from one window. I have defined a ground plane with grass material. If I run a render the ground has the material defined but if I run a visualization with DIVA the ground has the default material.I…Continue

Is DIVA v4 compatible with Rhino 6?

Started by Qinheng Zhang in DIVA-Rhino (version 4.0). Last reply by Alexandre Bessa Martins Alves on Thursday. 3 Replies

Our firm is considering buying new license for the recently released Rhino 6 and just want to check if DIVA 4 can work in new version.Thanks for help.Continue

Electrochromic glass with DGP schedule

Started by Shirin Masoudi in DIVA-Grasshopper (version 4.0) on Thursday. 0 Replies

Hi,I have an office building with a elecrochromic glazing facade. This is divided both vertically and horizontally creating a grid. I have two users and I want to solve the glare by changing the light transmittance of every portion of the…Continue


Started by Chiara Campofiorito in DIVA-Rhino (version 4.0). Last reply by Chiara Campofiorito Apr 16. 2 Replies

Hi!I state that this is the first time I use Diva.Where and how can I download different locations from the American ones? I need Italian locations.Thanks so much.Continue

No toolbar on Rhino 4

Started by Ignacio Mingo in DIVA-Grasshopper (version 4.0) Apr 15. 0 Replies

Hi! It seems DIVA is installed (prompted for updates) but I cannot get the toolbar. Any tips, please?Thanks!Continue

Tags: toolbar, installation


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