What is DIVA-for-Rhino?

DIVA-for-Rhino is a highly optimized daylighting and energy modeling plug-in for the Rhinoceros - NURBS modeler. The plug-in was initially developed at the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University and is now distributed and developed by Solemma LLC. DIVA-for-Rhino allows users to carry out a series of environmental performance evaluations of individual buildings and urban landscapes including Radiation Maps, Photorealistic Renderings, Climate-Based Daylighting MetricsAnnual and Individual Time Step Glare Analysis, LEED and CHPS Daylighting Compliance, and Single Thermal Zone Energy and Load Calculations.


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Sun Path Display

Started by Alexandre Carrier in DIVA-Grasshopper (version 4.0) on Wednesday. 0 Replies

Hi,I am learning Diva at the moment, and ran into a problem when I tried the Sun Path component. In fact, the result is not displayed on Rhino. After reading a few discussions, I came to realize that V-Ray might be the problem. I switched back to…Continue

DIVA Batch File Runner Question

Started by Jacob Dunn in DIVA-Grasshopper (version 4.0). Last reply by Plamena Milusheva May 14. 3 Replies

Hey All - I've got a rather newbie question about how the new DIVA 4.0 'BatchRunner' component works.At first I thought this might be a way to run multiple different simulations for different files, i.e. if you have multiple 'Annual daylight'…Continue

Tags: batch, batchrunner

Quest about Lighting Control

Started by Stefano Ranieri in DIVA-Rhino (version 4.0) May 14. 0 Replies

Hi everybody.Thank you for accepting me in this forum.My name is Stefano and I've just started to use DIVA for Rhino, since I've to do an University exam.I have some question to ask you.I'd like to study the effects of different lighting control…Continue

Tags: lightingcontrol

Setting up the same materials in both Diva and Archism

Started by Alvaro Rodriguez Garcia in DIVA-Grasshopper (version 4.0) May 12. 0 Replies

Hello, I want to know why it is not possible to link the same material (let's say the glass) that I already assigned to the windows of my model and use the same one for the daylight analysis so at the end in the results I will have the same type of…Continue

Tags: materials

problem with Tutorial 05 DYNAMIC SHADING

Started by Luciano in DIVA-Grasshopper (version 4.0). Last reply by Dario Castellani T. May 11. 10 Replies

Hi all,Thank you so much for your effort and above all for DIVA GH.I'm trying to understand more about DIVA (i bought two years ago Daylighting Handbook I as well, when vol.II?), but this morning i noticed an error (maybe my fault or a bug? my DIVA…Continue

Tags: 05, tutorial, issue, shading, dynamic

Shape of thermal zone

Started by Ali Ebrahimi in ARCHSIM-Grasshopper (version 4.0) May 11. 0 Replies

Hi everyoneI want to simulate a cone thermal zone within a cube,such a picture.while space between the two shape stuffed with materialCould you please help me to defined this project for ARCHSIM component?…Continue


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