Diva Day 2016

September 30

University of Toronto



Register now for DIVA Day 2016! DIVA Day is an annual symposium to discuss the use of DIVA and associated environmental analysis tools in design practice, research and architectural education. We're also holding a third annual DIVA Day Student Competition, with a $1500 prize!  Due date has been extended to September 3.


What is DIVA-for-Rhino?

DIVA-for-Rhino is a highly optimized daylighting and energy modeling plug-in for the Rhinoceros - NURBS modeler. The plug-in was initially developed at the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University and is now distributed and developed by Solemma LLC. DIVA-for-Rhino allows users to carry out a series of environmental performance evaluations of individual buildings and urban landscapes including Radiation Maps, Photorealistic Renderings, Climate-Based Daylighting MetricsAnnual and Individual Time Step Glare Analysis, LEED and CHPS Daylighting Compliance, and Single Thermal Zone Energy and Load Calculations.


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Point-in time illuminance simulation error

Started by Dhruvak Aggarwal in DIVA-Rhino (version 4.0). Last reply by Dhruvak Aggarwal on Wednesday. 1 Reply

HelloI am running a point-in-time illuminance metric in a fairly complicated geometry. The simulation was running fine until I was using internal roller blinds (apart from a certain degree of overestimation). But it keeps running into the same error…Continue

Illuminance Optimization diva.exe PopUp

Started by Julian Jauk in DIVA-Grasshopper (version 4.0). Last reply by Julian Jauk on Tuesday. 7 Replies

Hi!is there a way to keep the diva.exe running so it doesnt pop up for every iteration? Do you know what I mean?I could also save some time if the diva.exe would just run the raytracing over and over again since the general settings are the same for…Continue

Orientation based parametric study of a rhinoceros model in Diva-for-Grasshopper

Started by Michael Rosenlund in DIVA-Grasshopper (version 4.0). Last reply by Michael Rosenlund May 16. 2 Replies

Hallo,I wondered if there was a way to change the orientation of a rhino model from grasshopper, either by rotating the x-y plane or by rotating the entire rhino model?For my lighting simulations i have been using the current Rhinoceros scene,…Continue

Tags: Diva-for-Grasshopper., model, Rhinoceros, Orientation

"z" axis rotation with -vu

Started by Urtza in DIVA-Grasshopper (version 4.0). Last reply by Urtza May 15. 2 Replies

Dear community, I would be very grateful if someone could tell me if with Radiance parameter settings in Visualization option there is the posibility of rotation in "z" axis with -vu option at the same time of “x” and “y” rotation.I use -vu 0.5 0.5…Continue

Error: Path not found

Started by Gianmarco Paglierani in DIVA-Rhino (version 4.0) May 15. 0 Replies

Hi, when I select a diva command for Rhinoceros I get this error (attached).What can I do to solve this issue?This error generates a diva for grasshopper malfunction?Best regardsContinue

Rhino toolbar of diva doesnt' work

Started by Alberto Tettamanti in DIVA-Rhino (version 4.0) May 13. 0 Replies

Hi everybody,I install the lastest version of diva, with student license, although in grasshopper it seems to work properly, in Rhino viewport the toolbar of diva is loaded but doesn't work when i press on the four button which is madeWhat can i do?…Continue


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