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Long processing in AnnualDaylight component when reading many files

Hello, I am relatively new to using DIVA for analysis (or any analysis software for that matter) and I am having trouble loading many Annua…

Started by Michael Luczak

1 Mar 13
Reply by Jon Sargent

Polycarbonate - trans or dielectric?

Hi everyone, I am trying to perform a radiation map beneath a thin sheet of polycarbonate. I have the light transmission, the haze and the…

Started by Erika

2 Mar 13
Reply by Erika

Hourly Radiation Visualizations

Hi, I have been trying to develop hourly radiation simulations for a house using point-in-time radiation map analysis but with no success.…

Started by Camila Andino

2 Mar 10
Reply by Camila Andino

Forward Ray Tracer in DIVA 4.0

Hi everyone, I saw this post on the Rhino news blog that says DIVA 4.0 for Grasshopper contains the forward ray tracing photon mapping mod…

Started by Daniel

1 Mar 10
Reply by J. Alstan Jakubiec

Daylight factor problem

Hi everybody, I am trying to see the impact of solar protection on the daylight factor. There are circle holes on the solar protection and…

Started by Jam Aka

2 Mar 9
Reply by Jam Aka

Radiation Map Grid - Internalized data missing after saving and closing

Hi All, I've been working through various iterations of a design using the radiation mapping component. After running the calculation, I u…

Started by Maggie Golden

4 Mar 8
Reply by Maggie Golden

Dynamic shading system

Hi everybody, I'm new in this forum so I hope to ask something which has never been treated in any other discussion before. I'm trying to m…

Started by carlotta

2 Mar 7
Reply by carlotta

Lower Limit Customization on Falsecolor Compenant

Is there a way to set the lower limit of the falsecolor scale on the falsecolor component? Thanks, Rauland

Started by Rauland Schaat

1 Mar 7
Reply by Jon Sargent

Maximum number of points (LEED sDA ASE)

Hi helpful people, I've got a semi complex model where everything is meshed and windows are surfaces through the window component. I'm do…

Started by Mathias Sonderskov

3 Mar 3
Reply by Mathias Sonderskov

Using the Radiation Map component to calculate the amount of solar energy entering a room.

Hallo, Im trying to use the radiation map component to calculate the amount of solar energy entering a small room. For the glass material…

Started by Michael Rosenlund

3 Mar 1
Reply by Jon Sargent


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