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False color scheme on daylight performance preview

Hi! Is there a way to change the default false color scheme with other false color sets in DIVA for Grasshopper in making daylight DF and…

Started by Per-Axel

2 Jul 22
Reply by Per-Axel

Difference in sDA results(LEEDv4) using DIVAv4 for GH

Hello, I am trying to understand why there is a significant difference in sDA result (LEED v4 metrics) when using DIVA v4 for Rhino and DI…

Started by Aditya Potipireddi

1 Jul 17
Reply by Jon Sargent

parametric offset distance

Hello, How to parametrize offset distance? I mean, I'd like to set point, for example. And, the farther panel from point is, the less offse…

Started by Alena

1 Jul 17
Reply by Jon Sargent

The component has expired

Hi Diva, I just downloaded DIVA on a new computer and I am on a trial license. DIVA for Rhino works perfectly. Yet my DIVA for GH doesn't…

Started by Weishun Xu

1 Jul 17
Reply by Jon Sargent

The pipe has been ended

Hello, I've been trying the latest version of DIVA 4.0 I want to congratulate you on the big improvement that you provided to the tool. Gr…

Started by Nassim Jamali

11 Jun 30
Reply by Farzane Oghazian

Troubles with tilted planes for lights

Hi!I'm doing an "illuminance" analysis. Everything works perfectly fine as long as the plane which defines the position of the "light" comp…

Started by Julian Jauk

4 Jun 22
Reply by Julian Jauk

Error when trying to run DIVA in Grasshopper

Hi all, I've run into some problems trying to run DIVA through Grasshopper.  More specifically, I've been unable to run DIVA through Grass…

Started by Justin Schwartzhoff

4 Jun 21
Reply by Justin Schwartzhoff

Timestep for daylight simulation

Is there a method to run climate based simulation with timestep of a  minute instead of hours?

Started by Niraj Kunwar

1 Jun 18
Reply by Jon Sargent

DIVA Grasshopper Manual Shade Crashing Problem

DIVA Grasshopper Community - I'm having a problem trying to simulation manual blind control in the DIVA grasshopper environment.  When I t…

Started by Jacob Dunn

1 Jun 18
Reply by Jon Sargent

DIVA Batch File Runner Question

Hey All - I've got a rather newbie question about how the new DIVA 4.0 'BatchRunner' component works. At first I thought this might be a w…

Started by Jacob Dunn

2 Jun 9
Reply by Jacob Dunn


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