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sDA from leedV4 problem.

Hi, i am having problems with results from sDA (leed v4): In my project, i found this results: - Mean UDI between 300-3000 = 84.16% - Mean…

Started by Lucas Arango Díaz

0 Aug 25

Access DLT file

Hi there,  I ran into a case that have 50k points for radiation map simulation. The simulation has finished and resulted a 1G DLT file. Gr…

Started by Bing Wang

0 Aug 14

Outdoor illuminance in daylight factor simulation

Hello everyone, I was curious how much is the outdoor illuminance on a surface when we calculate a daylight factor?? Is it always the same…

Started by Eetu

0 Aug 8

Multiple Shadows -Diva’s & camera-based directional lights’s Shadow

Hello, Thank you for approving me, My Name is Mohammed and I am a student at the University of Liverpool, UK. Currently, I'm conducting a…

Started by Mohammed Alharthi

0 Aug 5

diva annual DGP results dont make sense

Hi everyone, I tested an annual glare simulation on a model for 2 cases. in case 2, i tried to reduce the thickness of the facade column i…

Started by Nassim Jamali

0 Aug 2

Glare Results Don't Make Sense

Hi, I received the following results from my Glare analysis. The results don't make sense for the room tagged East (which is actually poin…

Started by Elizabeth LeRiche

2 Aug 2
Reply by Nassim Jamali

Annual DGP simulation result does not make sense between models

Hi all, I used DIVA for simulating the annual DGP for 1 model but with 2 cases. In case 2, i tried to reduced the area of the column on th…

Started by Nassim Jamali

0 Aug 1

DivaSunPath6 Shows Black

Hello, I would like to use a Dynamo script to get a quick idea of the shadow impact of a building mass. When I use the DivaSunPath6 view s…

Started by Lynn Quagliato

0 Aug 1

ERROR during DIVA installation

Hi all, did you experience same error? : Hope you may help me, thanks in advance Pietro

Started by Pietro Pavesi

0 Jul 19

Conversion to Model Geometry

Hello,  I am wondering if it is possible to convert the diagram geometry within the diva viewport to model geometries. I am looking to use…

Started by Seth Jenkins

0 Jul 3


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