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DAT Formatting confusion with DIVA 4

The DAT file which is being generated from DIVA 4 has all the same value for each analysis node, but if you look at the visualization in th…

Started by Rauland Schaat

1 Jun 21, 2016
Reply by Jon Sargent

General Questions

Really enjoying the new release so far; great work! I think you nailed everything that was on my wishlist and eliminated the need for a lot…

Started by Elliot G

4 Jun 16, 2016
Reply by Elliot G

Number of Processes

Hello, Would someone be able to explain the capabilities for the 'Number of Processes' option and how it is intended to be used?  I am try…

Started by Steve Gollehon

1 Jun 15, 2016
Reply by Jon Sargent

Diva4 grasshopper components are awesome / questions/comments

I am testing the new components and they are awesome! I ever used workaround in HB/LB to calculate sDA and ASE for LEEDv4 Daylight calculat…

Started by Cheney

5 Jun 14, 2016
Reply by Cheney

Annual view availabilities

Hi  Diva team,  Is it possible to get the information about percentage of the occupied time of the year when the occupants have a outside …

Started by Daniela Cardoso Laudares Pereira

2 Jun 14, 2016
Reply by Daniela Cardoso Laudares Pereira

Upgrade to version 4.0

Hi, I have the student license to Diva 3.0. Is it possible to upgrade  to version 4.0 with the same license student ? Thanks in advance,…

Started by Daniela Cardoso Laudares Pereira

3 Jun 14, 2016
Reply by Daniela Cardoso Laudares Pereira

no more solar fan in DIVA 4.0?

Hi Folks, I am rather fond of the solar fan component in DIVA 3.0. I installed the 4.0 beta and noticed this is no longer available? Can y…

Started by Jeremy Bamberger

3 Jun 13, 2016
Reply by Jon Sargent

Grasshopper Daylight Component not funtioning

Dear All, me and my collegues are having a problem with all components of the simulation tab of DIVA grasshopper. I enclose a screenshot o…

Started by Federico

2 Jun 6, 2016
Reply by Federico

Grouped BREP and Radiance quality settings

First of all; DIVA 4 is great work! Many improvements and cleaner components. One thing I personally like is the new 'grid maker' which doe…

Started by Jouri Kanters

5 Jun 2, 2016
Reply by Jon Sargent

DIVA-4.0 installation

Hello, thank you for the new DIVA release. Looking forward to try it. I have a question about the instalaltion. I read here "Please rename…

Started by Francesco De Luca

1 May 25, 2016
Reply by J. Alstan Jakubiec


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