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Mesh Baking Error

I ran a simulation on a 100+ room model. The simulation completed fine, and the grid results preview look perfect. But when I "bake preview…

Started by Elliot G

2 Sep 2, 2016
Reply by Jon Sargent

ArchSim PV Error

I am trying my hand at the ArchSim PV components. For some reason when I set it to run, I get this server busy pop up error whenever I try…

Started by Elliot G

1 Sep 2, 2016
Reply by Elliot G


I am using the archsim PV component to get the hourly output of some panels. I assume that the Archsim uses the 'simple model' from Energy…

Started by Jouri Kanters

0 Aug 31, 2016

Difference between 'grid sensor' and 'lighting sensor'

Hi, can someone tell me the exact difference between a 'grid sensor' and 'lighting sensor'? When I use the automatic 'daylighting grid' co…

Started by Jouri Kanters

2 Aug 31, 2016
Reply by Jouri Kanters

Annual daylight component/sDA&ASE outputs vs orientation

I am testing Diva4 components, especially sDA&ASE output. And I notice some abnormal results when I rotate my testing space/window towa…

Started by Cheney

14 Aug 29, 2016
Reply by Maria Garcia

Annual Daylight Grid Preview - Unable to bake Legend and Sensor data

Hi, I am unable to bake the results grid data and legend while using "bake preview".  Does anybody have any suggestion son how to get it to…

Started by Sangeetha Divakar

1 Aug 23, 2016
Reply by Jon Sargent

Grid V

I am running a point in time illuminance for a LEED v3 analysis. The default thresholds for illuminance are the LEED bounds 108-5400 lux, b…

Started by Elliot G

1 Aug 23, 2016
Reply by Jon Sargent

PV analysis with DIVA

Hello Forum,  I am curious if DIVA can be used to study PV solar panels... Any references to methods, past research, links, or ideas would…

Started by kerberg

0 Aug 23, 2016

Radiation Maps - Grid Based

Hello It is possible to calculate the solar irradiation entering to the space through a window? I have seen that DIVA can calculate annual…

Started by Abigail Chi

15 Aug 22, 2016
Reply by Abigail Chi

Arcshim- Shading surface

Hello I hope someone can help me to solve this problem: I am running an energy analysis to evaluate the performance of different solar scr…

Started by Abigail Chi

2 Aug 22, 2016
Reply by Abigail Chi


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