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Unexpected file, CD audio track, from daylight grid-based analysis

Hallo everybody,I launched a DIVA simulation for an open space office with detailed dynamic shading control and I expected to find two .ill…

Started by Anna Maria Atzeri

2 Oct 29, 2014
Reply by Anna Maria Atzeri

Image files from Radiation Analysis will not open

My simulations on Diva Radiation maps seem to be working, but when I try to open the saved files, saved as .pic, no photo viewer will open…

Started by elizabeth shotton

2 Oct 27, 2014
Reply by elizabeth shotton

What does the climate based analysis compute?

From the generated bat file.... I see that it runs gen_dc, ds_illumn, and gen_directsunlight Does this mean it runs an rtrace at everytime…

Started by Renna Dechamps

2 Oct 23, 2014
Reply by Renna Dechamps

Radiance Texture Material

Hello Everyone, For days I am trying to learn how to apply a texture to the geometries in Diva for Rhino. However, according to the Radian…

Started by Sabrina Fairchild

2 Oct 23, 2014
Reply by Sabrina Fairchild

Luminaire not showing in the Materials menu

Hello, I am following the steps of this tutorial to simulate IES luminaire: http://diva4rhino.com/page/simulating-luminaires-with-ies-file

Started by Arthur Mani

2 Oct 22, 2014
Reply by Arthur Mani

Translucent Material Error and possible customization?

Hi Guys, My simulations seem to work well but when I assign the "GenericTranslucentMaterial_20" i get the following error message: Is the…

Started by Arthur Mani

2 Oct 22, 2014
Reply by Arthur Mani

Increase speed of simulation - reduce number of rays?

Hi Guys, My simulations take too much time (6hours). Is there a way to reduce the number of ray that Radiance simulate? Ot any other way t…

Started by Arthur Mani

3 Oct 22, 2014
Reply by Max D

analysis result

Hello Diva-Community, I am a swedish architecture student currently participating in a sustainable building competition. I am trying for t…

Started by Sophie Wie

2 Sep 29, 2014
Reply by Sophie Wie


I downloaded Diva a few days ago and have been playing around with it. Currently I am trying to make a radiation map on some topography. I…

Started by Lucca Townsend

7 Sep 17, 2014
Reply by Lucca Townsend

File not found line 2095, char 2

Hi I've googled around this forum without luck in searching for a solution for this error. I have a basic setup in which I am testing diff…

Started by Mathias Sonderskov

3 Sep 17, 2014
Reply by J. Alstan Jakubiec


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