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DIVA Climate-Based Simulation Product Issue

Hey all, So I've been trying to run a simulation for the climate-based analysis to test out the efficiency of a shading design on the exte…

Started by Allen Bell

0 on Thursday

Luminous exposure (lxh) calculation - Museum lighting

Hi all,  is there an option to calculate luminous exposure (lxh) along a year in DIVA.  Thanks in advance for your help. Best,  Julian

Started by Julian D

0 May 9

Flipping Node Labels

Hello, Is there a way to flip the % occupied hours values in Rhino v5? Thanks

Started by Selma Benmakhlouf

0 May 6

Unable to Add .epw WeatherData File to Rhino

Hello, I would like to add in a .epw WeatherData file to Rhino according to this video tutorial (https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_contin

Started by Ong Hui Wen

0 May 4

Microsoft VBScript runtime error (subscript out of range)

Hi, I am trying to do a daylight availability analysis with DIVA However, following the first calculations, when I select the tab…

Started by özge ceylan

0 Apr 21

How to generate an HDR image using gendaylit.exe

Hi DIVA developers, I read in Ji's discussion about comparing new and old gendaylit.exe programs, where he generated an image and visualiz…

Started by YaoYuan

0 Apr 10

how to change the annual glare control document for grid based simulation?

hello, In grid base simulation menu we can check "use glare control' option to use the annual glare analysis result just generated to contr…

Started by YI ZHAO

0 Mar 25

Is there any way to scale the Diva UI up?

Hey, The user interface shows too tiny on my screen, does anyone know if there any way to scale it up? Like make change of the environment…

Started by Junyu Xu

0 Mar 18

DIVA Error_"ProgramInfo"_Toolbars for Rhino_v6

Hi, This is with reference to an earlier post that still has no response, and we appreciate any help in resolving this.  The student is p…


0 Mar 8

DIVA Not Working

On RHINO 6, nothing happens on clicking any DIVA buttons. The license address is resolved, and the command name appears (like "ProjectInfo"…

Started by Apoorv Goyal

3 Mar 6
Reply by Apoorv Goyal


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