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Shade in Diva? for LEED IEQ 8.1 - Daylight - v3.0 [help]

Dear Diva members, It is required to implement shading / glaring measures when a zone falls out of the max threshold of 500 fc. How do yo…

Started by Olivier Brouard

5 Mar 16, 2016
Reply by J. Alstan Jakubiec

DIVA for Grasshopper - Daylight Question

Hello everyone, I am a beginner of Diva. I would like to use Diva for grasshopper to achieve the parametric simulation and optimization in…

Started by Laura Wang

1 Nov 18, 2015
Reply by J. Alstan Jakubiec

Discrepancy between Illuminance calc and Illuminance from DA calc

hey all I’m getting a significant and persistent discrepancy between point-in-time illuminance calcs and the illuminance from DA calc. The…

Started by Dan Weissman

7 Oct 13, 2015
Reply by Dan Weissman

Daylight Autonomy Node Results

From Daylight Autonomy results, what measurement do the nodes represent? Are they the average illumination (in my case footcandles) over th…

Started by Reid Weber

2 Apr 20, 2014
Reply by Reid Weber

"include rhino scene" in daylight settings

Hello! I am a new Diva user, currently still exploring the tool and i find it really interesting! I have a rather strange question though,…

Started by Salma El Ahmar

2 Apr 2, 2014
Reply by Salma El Ahmar

Error: Input past end of file

I was able to run one Daylight Autonomy simulation in DIVA and obtain results but once I tried running a different simulation with a slight…

Started by Reid Weber

1 Mar 10, 2014
Reply by J. Alstan Jakubiec

Dynamic shading analysis in DIVA

Hello, I am trying to do a dynamic shading analysis with blinds using DIVA and Rhino 5. The results that I am getting seems a little stran…

Started by Judhajit Chakraborty

2 Jun 24, 2013
Reply by Judhajit Chakraborty

Viper (EnergyPlus) Occupancy Schedules

Hello, I run DIVA Daylight simulation to generate a Lighting Load Schedule using it as input to the Lighting Cntrl of the Viper component…

Started by Eduard Petriu

2 May 14, 2013
Reply by Eduard Petriu

DIVA Daylight - Solar Irradiation - hours of day - e.g. 09:00 - 12:00 ?

Hey all :-) 1. Is it possible to make a solar irradiation in a period of time a day of a period of days? (perhaps it's possible to find in…

Started by Thomas Perkov

1 Apr 20, 2013
Reply by J. Alstan Jakubiec

LEED 2009 Credit IEQ 8.1: Natural Daylight

Hi everyone, Running daylighting simulation with Diva, I am concerned by few things regarding the "Regularly Occupied Spaces" I found the…

Started by Olivier Brouard

10 Apr 1, 2013
Reply by Olivier Brouard


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