I'm a beginner in DIVA! So, sorry if my question is so simple! I need to have four shading groups in my Dynamic shading controls but the problem is I can only have two.

When I click on "Add Shading Group" the Diva's shading control options disappears and then pops up again with the same two shading groups as before.

Does anyone know what the problem is?

Thank you in advance,


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Hello Omid,

Daysim has a hard limit on the number of shading control groups, so this is unfortunately a simulation engine limitation in the toolbar at the moment. In DIVA-Grasshopper you can use more than 2 shading control groups as the controls are implemented differently there. The c:\DIVA\ExampleFiles\Grasshopper\Daylight\02_AnnualDaylight_* A-C tutorial files should help you set this up as well as this video tutorial.




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