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I have run an annual glare simulation for a critical point in an open office. I define a view point, and run annual glare in two states adaptive visual comfort. there is more glare in the state of "user can not adopt" than in the state of "user can adopt". I think according to the definition below, these results are not correct. in addition the shading devices are static.

Adaptive Comfort:

(User(s) cannot adapt. Simulation uses viewpoint with worst glare condition., User can adapt. Simulation uses least glary viewpoint.)

This parameter determines how annual glare simulations inform the use of a dynamic shading system. If the shading system is manual controlled and more than one view point was provided for the annual glare calculation, then the former selection assumes that a user can adapt to the space and pick the position with the least amount of glare. In the latter case several occupants are in the space and the occupant with the worst glare condition determines whether the shading device needs to be readjusted.

please help me in this regard.


The first picture: user can not adopt, and the second picture: user can adopt.

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