I'm Americo Hara, from Brazil, and I have experienced problem with Annual Glare and Timelapse butons.
Actually, the butons don't work: I click over the butons and nothing happens.
I have downloaded the latest version and installed as recomended.

Can anyone help me?

Is there a solution for it?
Perhaps, because the version that I have is the student one?

Thanks all.


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Hi Americo,

You've found a bug that has affected a small number of users very consistently. Unfortunately, we still haven't been able to reproduce the issue on any of our computers at Solemma. So I don't actually have a surefire fix for you. 

Some users have found that by upgrading to the latest version of Internet Explorer (10), the issue has been resolved. I think that worked in roughly 50% of the cases I know about. Please let us know if that helps and any other information you might uncover.

I'm sorry this is a bit vague and potentially unhelpful.

All the best,


Hi, Alstan,

Thanks for your response.
But I did not understand: what the Internet Explorer (10) has to do with Diva?

In fact, I've uninstalled the Rhino and Diva.
After that, I've installed the programs again.
I've thought that it would work, but it doesn't.

I'll keep trying. If I have any progress, I'll let you know.

Best regards.

But I did not understand: what the Internet Explorer (10) has to do with Diva?

Hi Americo,

The DIVA interface dialog is a HTML document opened in Internet Explorer, so the version of IE you have installed can change how it behaves / is rendered.

All the best,


Hi, Alstan and Americo,

I have had this problem some time ago and it happened again. After some time trying to fix it, we found out that the problem, in our case, was the python version. It seems that the version we had was incompatible with windows 7.

I hope this information can be useful for you.

Best regards,


Hi, Ticiana

I'll try to do the same thing you reported.

Thanks a lot for your information.

Best regards,


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