Annual Glare - Microsoft VBScript runtime error/Permission denied

Hi, I'm trying to run an Annual Glare simulation and keep getting an error. The simulation runs for a while (maybe an hour) before it returns this error:

Source: Microsoft VBScript runtime error

Error: Permission denied

Line: 11

Char: 1


I've tried to run Rhino as administrator as that was suggested on a previous thread with a similar error, but it didn't help.

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Hmm -- that is frustrating of course. It may be that something caused the simulation to end unexpectedly. Can you zip the C:\DIVA\Temp\Rhinofilename\ folder and post it here or mail it to me at so that I may take a closer look?



Alstan, thanks for your response. I've since been able to complete simulations. I'm not sure what the issue was, but it seems to be resolved.

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