I have a question about annual DGP analysis. 

I see that you can insert a specific occupancy schedule while running annual glare analysis, but in case of (8am to 6pm) occupancy schedule I see that the distribution of DGP values across all the year is constant in terms of tested hours, however the schedule embedded within diva considers daylight saving time. in another words,I can't see the shift of daylight saving time in the distribution of  annual DGP results although it exists in the built schedule within DIVA files. Also, is there any chances of getting the DGP values (not only the DGP rating) across all the year?


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Hello Sahar,

you can easily obtain the dgp values by importing the according dgp file into MSExcel and reading out the 4th column.

If you just want extract the "occupied" values simply delete the first three rows of the occupancy.csv (it's text) then copy the 4th column into the dgp Excel file and multiply the dgp column by the occupancy column. Unoccupied hours carry a zero, so unoccupied dgp values vanish. Occupied dgp values stay the same...

Have a nice weekend!


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