Hello again!

I want to know how Annual glare function works.

I have a file with this numbers...


1 1 1.000 0.1840 0.1840 0.1840 0.1840 0.1840 0.1840

column 1 to 3 are month, day and hour, after the 4 column what those numbers mean?

The Annual glare use the grid to check the dgp?

Thank you for everything!


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Hello Felipe,

Annual glare calculations are based on the perspective viewpoint or saved viewpoints in the Rhino file, completely independent of the sensor grid. So those six numbers following the month, day, hour values are Daylight Glare Probability (DGP) calculations for six viewpoints in your Rhino file.

I strongly recommend to make sure that those views are what you expect them to be by running a visualization using the fisheye view type. 

That said,the meaning of those numbers are well explained by a few independent sources. 

J.A. Jakubiec, C.F. Reinhart, The ‘adaptive zone’ – a concept for a...

J. Wienold. Dynamic daylight glare evaluation. Proceedings of Build... (This paper also explains the method used by DIVA to generate the annual glare predictions.)



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