I hope someone can help me to solve this problem:

I am running an energy analysis to evaluate the performance of different solar screens. For this, I have modeled a simple space with one fully glazed facade. Then, I added a surface in front of this glazed facade and I have provided a year transparency schedule with the value of 0.5 for the 8760 hours. I have connected this schedule to the library and to the zone connectivity network, but the results in the *.csv files that Archsim outputs are exactly equal than those obtained from another model with no surface (screen).

I have attached my files (model.rar). 

Thanks in advance


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The window in your model appears to be oriented facing the positive Y-axis, which is due north in EnergyPlus. Since it looks like you have your.epw file set for Sevilla, Spain, there will only be direct sun on your window at around sunrise and sunset in the summer, not enough to make a difference in simulation results having to do with direct solar radiation. If the intention is for that window to face south, you should rotate or flip the model.

Hope this helps!


Hi Jeff

I have flipped my window and it is running well!!!

Thank you so much for your help!


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