Hi guys,

I'm running into some problems with the LEED V4 calculations and was wondering if anyone could identify what I'm doing wrong:

I've built a test model that roughly approximates one of DIVA's case study scenarios.  Materials are set by layer, and include interior walls, glass, and a ground plane.  All objects were visible in Rhino before the simulation and have only been turned off to visualize the results mesh. sDA shading control nodes are set by space and separated into 8 groups.  All of the images in the following link were taken from the same simulation, although I visualized them several separate times:


1. After running the LEED V4 metric and visualizing just the sDA, I get the results shown in the first image.  It looks like sDA could be calculating correctly, but ASE shows up in the description as 100% < 250h

2.Re-visualizing the same sim with the ASE option shows me a completely uniform distribution with 0% <250h...

3. Re-visualizing the same sim again with the "LEEDv4 sDA +ASE" option gives me a RhinoScript error (Type mismatch in parameter. Array required.  Line 2159".

4.Additionally, I re-simulated the same simulations with no sDA shading control nodes specified and got the same results as the simulation that included shading controls.

I'm now thoroughly confused.  Does this look like the behavior of a bug, or am I doing something wrong in the setup process?  For reference, I'm running Rhino5 SR12 (5.12.50810.13095, 8/10/2015)

Any help would be much appreciated!


Paul F.

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Hi Paul,

One important thing is that when you run a combined ASE / sDA calculation, you get two results files: a .SDA and a .ASE file.


Actually you have 100% > 250 h in your first image (the LEED composite view from imgur), which automatically gives you 0 LEED points. That is probably not correct, but I would need to see your model and results file to diagnose further.


I think what happened here is that you told DIVA to load in the ASE results but chose the SDA file instead, which always has a range between 0 and 100.


In this case, DIVA first asks you to choose the SDA file and then the ASE file, but you only chose the SDA file, so an error occurs. Its a little confusing, because there are two dialog prompts in a row, but both files must be properly selected.


That is very surprising. Was it still an SDA calculation, or just normal daylight autonomy? DIVA will not allow you to turn off shading controls in a SDA calculation, because they are required for the metric. If you don't setup shading controls, DIVA will just assume that all of the sensors belong to one big space.


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