Automatic dynamic blinds exempt from LEED v.4 ASE requirement?

Not sure if this is the correct thread for this question but after setting up the automatic dynamic blinds the way LEED requires through the method explained by Jon (
I stumbled upon this info on USGBC's website:

The way I interpret this it's possible to obtain the LEED daylight points for an ASE value of <20% (not 10%) provided that the sDA is sufficient and that one submits a narrative describing how the space is designed to address glare.

What suprises me even more is how one seems to be completely excempt from the whole ASE critia if one implements automatic dynamic blinds in the calculation?

In that case, would I get all 3 points if my sDA is >75% even though my ASE >20% if I include automatic blinds with the >2% sensor trigger settings required by LEED?

Sorry again if this is the wrong thread for this question but it seems like there are people with lots of LEED cimpliance experince here. 




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