Hi experts,

Is it possible to change in DIVA  the boundaries of UDI definition, i.e. ranges of UDI 300-3000, instead of UDI 100-2000?

Thank you in advance!


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Hi Daniela,

In DIVA-4 (currently in beta), the thresholds are updated to the new ones, <100, 100-300, 300-3000, and >3000.



Thank you Alstan!



I am currently running DIVA-4 and I do not see the updated thresholds or the ability to change thresholds in the plug-in.  Was it this incorporated in the release?  Also, in the gh grid component there is UDI min and max, but not a space for another bin (i.e. 100 - 300).  Is there a way to add multiple bins in UDI or in general to parse the illuminance data?

Thank you,


Hi Michael

Have you found a way to modify the UDI threshold in DIVA? I have the same problem here.



Hi all,

In DIVA-4's Rhino side, the thresholds have been updated (<100, 100-300, 300-3000, >3000).

As noted by Michael, you can zoom in to the grid viewer component in Rhino to change the lower and upper thresholds, but not the intermediate ranges.

One other option (although not ideal) would be to view a grid multiple times, and roll your own using the "Sensor Data" outputs for Daylight Autonomy at different thresholds. Imagine reporting DA_100lx, DA_250lx, DA_2500lx. Then...

  • UDI < 100 lx = 1 - DA_100lx
  • UDI 100-250 lx = 1 - UDI<100lx - DA_250lx
  • UDI 250-2500 lx = 1 - UDI<100lx - UDI100-250lx - DA_2500lx
  • UDI > 2500 lx = DA_2500lx



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