I am preparing to teach a class using DIVA to a number of students, and one of the requirements of the class will be to produce a series of butterfly shadow diagrams using the software. I have been trying my best to do this in DIVA, and have only been able to complete the task using the grasshopper plugin.

Is there a way to create butterfly shadow diagrams in plan using DIVA without using grasshopper? The students are probably not skilled enough to have to deal with grasshopper logic at this stage in their education.


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Hi Sean,

Shadow diagrams are only available using GH at the moment.  For the script averse, one approach might be to distribute a ready-made definition.   A simple file containing a few value lists and/or sliders is all you'd need (location, month, day, hour range).  You could even hide all the wires, etc., to give it a Windows-form-like appearance.


Hi Diva team,

An issue popped up, and couldn't figure out what was the reason behind it.
I did shadowing study on a model and everything worked well, you can see example of results below.

The day after, I opened the same model, with the same rhino script, but shadows don't move with the sun anymore.

I don't remember changing anything in the view setting options. Although, the shadows move when I rotate the view.

There two other picture below showing that nothing changes, when I move the time scale.

When I do a series of sun spots, several shadows don't appear nigher.

I would appreciate your help.

Kind regards,


Hey everyone,

Eventually, I didn't find a place to change the settings in the rhino/grasshopper window. Although, I changed necessary rows in the SunPath file directly (C:\DIVA\Scripts\DivaSunPath) and updated it in the rhino view options (Rhino Options>View>Display Modes>DivaSunPath).

Now it works again.
Hope it'll help someone one day )


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