Hi all, I am trying to send a list of values for let's say the X or Y value of a box, I tried series, range, I even tried to insert multiple integers values for it, it only reads the last value, can I do it using the VB script loop??

I used the Galapagos but I need the outputs for further simulations and this can't be done with Galapagos results...

any thoughts would help...



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Hi Dalia,

Can you be more specific, where and what are you sending and what is reading it? Post a screenshot with the problem if you can.


hi Jeff,

I am trying to send multiple values for a box coordinates( x, y or Zzand trying to send them as different geometries to the GM of the DIVA grasshopper plugin without the need to do these changes everytime, like automatically moving a slider of values, and be able to obtain the illuminance values all at once of be able to save them one by one to a txt or excel sheet, 

hopping my question is clearer now, I'm attaching a very simple definition of what i wish to do...



You will need to specify a different project name for each variant you are testing because if you leave it empty it is always rewriting the project files with the default value, this is why only the last simulation is being saved. Simply join the slider inputs to some project name and they will all be saved.

Did you solve this problem

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