I have a query about the 'Daylighting Grid Component'. Is it possible to change some of its parameters after a simulation ended? I mean, I have run a simulation with a specific 'Lighting  Power Density' and a specific 'Lighting Control System'. But I want to change both values just for comparison. Do I have to run the simulation again? 

I understand that the *ill file should not change, so I think the 'Lighting Energy (LE)' and the 'CBDM metrics' could be calculated without running the simulation again because it is just a matter of math. How could I assign new values in both parameters in the 'Grid Viewer' or in another grasshopper component?

I hope you can help me.

Many thanks in advance.


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Hi Abigail,

The grid viewer has (hidden) inputs for resetting metric thresholds, but not the lighting power density or control system.  The former you could easily calculate yourself with a multiplier, but the latter does require a re-run in the current setup, unfortunately.


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