I have a question concerning the conversion from daylight model, to a model to calculate energy consumption, what happens is that I start running climate based daylight analysis to my model, I get the results, then I place the same model to the ep_* layers, add lighting control group (photosensor controlled dimming), and run diva thermal single zone analysis.

I get an error concerning the lighting control schedule, so I re-run the same climate based lighting analysis, to get the same results, then I run the thermal analysis, which runs normally.

The problem is that the results doesn't seem to be linked with the building daylight performance, all the months have the same electric lighting consumption, which is not reasonable at all... check the attached image

Did anyone experience such a problem before, and can help me with that??


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I tihnk it would be helpful if you could post the error that you get from the lighting control schedule. It is my understanding, as apparently yours, that after a CBM daylight run, the lighting energy consumption should indeed be affected by the levels of available natural light. If, however, the light levels are lower than the electric lighting setpoint all the time, the lighting energy could indeed stay "constant"- though I'd check its values by hand, just in case the graph swallows some of the differences- but yea, it looks constant all right.



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