Hello everyone!

I tried to do all the video tutorials, but I found some difficulties with Dynamic Shading and other simulations. I ask help in several questions:

1) Annual Glare and Daylight Autonomy takes quite a lot of time to calculate. Is it possible to use cloud systems as Amazon AWS EC2 to increase the speed of rendering?

2) I could not reach the result of complete, reducing glare, although I tried to use the same geometry of louvres as in attached office file to tutorials (I copied from reference office). Also, I tried to use 0, 30, 60, 90-degree state of louvres, but still, it was a quite significant amount of glare. It would be great if someone could share with me rhino file with properly working dynamic shading, maybe I can figure out the reason why my shading doesn't work.

3) When I tried to use Zumtobel IES files, visualisation with false colours showed an extremely low amount of lux in the room.

I have attached, archive with file and images with false colour visualisation.

Thanks in advance for the help!

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