I was wondering how to create and add a new material to the existing library. I want to create a wall construction with concrete wall + insulation + ventilated cavity + stole cladding. I am not able to add ventilated cavity in the assembly of the construction. Also I  am not able to change the some of the properties of the existing materials which are defined for the layers in the construction. Is there any way to create a new layer material with different density, different reflection etc.? 

Please let me know. 


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Hi Harshad,

You should be able to manually create a new material by editing the C:\DIVA\Thermal\Grasshopper\IDF_Components\01_materials_variable_thickness.idf file. Unfortunately, it will be difficult to apply the 'SurfaceProperty:ExteriorNaturalVentedCavity' attribute since it is a surface property and not a material. You could achieve it with some work looking at the object names of exterior wall surfaces in the Viper-produced IDF files (located in C:\DIVA\Thermal\Grasshopper\Projects\). This will take some detailed knowledge of EnergyPlus to achieve.



Hi Alstan, 

Thank you for your reply. I managed to add the custom materials. 



please i have the same problem of custom a masonry material. can you please illustrate how can i apply it as im using now diva v4.

Thanks alot

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