I'm going to graduate in building engineering and architecture at Politecnico of Milan.

I'm using DIVA+Galapagos optimization for the shading skin of my final thesis.

I create a grasshopper definition that allow to Galapagos to find the best compositing solution of the panels in the attached files.

The skin is composed by glass panels, covered with a ceramic pattern that have a shading function; i have to approximate the ceramic shade to a rectangular form because the pattern is too complex for the optimization in galapagos.

I supposed that I have to create a custom material with the ceramic proprieties, but i have to consider that the geometry that i used for the simulation is an approxiomation, so probabably i have to set a "transparency" parameter to the custom ceramic material. 

Anyone know how I have to set the custom material to have this approximation?

thank you

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Hello Massimo,

I would use the trans material with a set reflectance and transmittance to resolve your shading panels. This forum thread and page 21 of Axel Jacob's Radiance cookbook (on the Trans material) are good places to begin.



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