I would like to test for Daylight Factor on custom node points (centroid of my base triangles), however DIVA is not running the test after I've copied the aforementioned points to the Node Layer.

As I will be using the analysis results for scripting the form based on the custom nodes, I do not wish to use the default nodes set up on the surfaces via the node toolbar.

I've also tried to use grasshopper to connect the points as nodes, but it is still not running the analysis.

Have attached a copy of my file with the points and would really appreciate if someone could show me how to achieve what I need.

Thank you.



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Further to my query above, even when I tried to analysis the surface using the default node-set up, I was not able to obtain the visualization of the results.

Have attached a copy of the screen capture for reference.


the GH component *should* work if you e.g. use mesh vertices as sensor points and create them where you require them; moving points to the Nodes layer via D toolbar in native Rhino does not work- you would have to create the nodes via the surface referencing built into DIVA and then move the nodes to where you want them!



^ and from that screenshot- I would mesh-tesselate that and go via the GH route, with custom centroids fed as nodes. No idea what the error means- one of the devs will need to investigate that.

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