We have a huge framework of postprocessing and making statistics for different certifications in grasshopper for DIVA2.

As we switched to DIVA4, we lost the possibility to manually input points and vectors.

Now, none of our post processing scripts are working as they require the points to be placed correctly according to a specific mesh.

I tried to input our standard analysis mesh into the Grid component, but all the points are in the middle of each mesh face, where as we need them to be at each vertex of the mesh.

I'm hoping that there will be plans on integrating manual pt/vect input again!

Also, this is required for instance in BREEAM-NO for daylight requirement, that you have custom points inserted in the room half way away from the facade and 1m from the walls.

All the best, Mathias.

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Hi Mathias,

You can create grids out of sensors:

One catch is that area-based calculations (sDA, total solar exposure) won't be carried out automatically on grids of this sort.  But you can still get all the usual sensor data (DF, DA, illuminance[8760], irradiance, etc.).


We're doing most of the post processing of data in our own workflows anyway.

Thanks, this is perfect! 

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