The DAT file which is being generated from DIVA 4 has all the same value for each analysis node, but if you look at the visualization in the rhino viewport each node has a different value. When I run the same point-in-time illuminace in

DIVA-for-Rhino the DAT file generates the correct information. Any advise on what I am missing/doing wrong? I've tried troubleshooting for a while, but am coming up empty.



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Hi Rauland,

Indeed, there was a DAT export bug for illuminance runs a couple revisions back, but I think I fixed it.  Have you run the auto-update recently?  If not (and you don't feel like restarting), you should be able to run it by double-clicking the DIVA-Update-Checker app in C:\DIVA\bin.  (You should close Rhino before doing this.)



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