I am wondering how the blue shading control table is created and where I may find the data behind it. I found the script for creating the DGP table and thought a similar one was needed for the shading control table, but I can't seem to find that or the data.

I would really like to analyze the data myself so help would be appreciated.

Kind regards


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Hi Mads,

The data is saved into a csv file by Daysim, *intgain.csv. DIVA is only visualizing the results created by Daysim, not producing the shading schedule. This presentation from 2012 is still very relevant for how everything works:

DR 1: New Shading Module (Video) (A Jakubiec & J Niemasz, Solemma)

The script that generates the graphics is c:\DIVA\Scripts\diva-climate-based_falsecolor-intgaincsv.py.



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