Hello everyone,

As a newcomer I am trying to use the Daylight Factor component for BREAAM Daylight assesment and I ran into some issues that I couldn’t figure out myself. Hope someone can help me out here.


1)     As the first criteria for BREEAM, average DF should be determined for each grid. The Mean DF output from the DF component and an Arithmetic Mean of the DF list component of the Grid Viewer give different results. What might casue the difference? which one is preferable? (see pic_01.jpg)


2)     As the second criteria for BREEAM, minimum point DF should be determined as well. The threshold for me is 0.54, however the results are all rounded to only 1 decimal, for a 0.5 result I can not determine whether it’s just OK or not. Is ther any way I can get all sensor data in a .## format? I tried using Formulas to change that, buti t appears that the the result is originally rounded up to .# formation so I couldn’t do anything with it. (see pic_01.jpg)


3)     A small suggestion: Min DF output directly from the DF component might be useful, I might not be the only one using DIVA for BREEAM assessment.


Thanks a lot for your feedback,



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Hi Dome,

1) Mean DF is weighted by sensor area (size of the grid cell), so it won't necessarily equal the unweighted mean.

2) I can remove rounding in the next update.  Seems pointless.

3) Taken under advisement. For now you can sort list and take the first item.


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