Dear all,

I am trying to calculate incident solar radiation on the south facade with DAYSIM irradiance sensors and also EnergyPlus, while comparing the results of both tools with real measurements. I created my geometry in Ecotect and used DAYSIM 3.1e (beta).

 I used these irradiance sensor order(attached *.pts) and modified the *.hea file to force Daysim calculate the irradiance as following:

sensor_file_unit 2 2 2 2
sensor_file_info 0 0 0 0

Since the measured values are available with 15 min intervals, all simulations are performed with the same time step.

However, the results that I extracted from DAYSIM (*.ill) have low correlation with measured values, while EnergyPlus returned more coherent outputs.

Can anyone help me to close the gap between measured data and DAYSIM results? 

I have attached the comparison and some screenshots of the model in DAYSIM.

Thank you in advance


Tags: DAYSIM, irradiation, validation

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