Is there a way to display digits after the decimal in the node values? especially for Daylight Factor.


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Have you tried turning on labels? Not sure whether it gives what you want, but it might.

As in, Label all nodes? Yes, this is where we would like to see the decimal display. I've changed the rhino units/tolerances etc. but still only see integers at each node.

I would like to change the font size and color of these labels. Does anyone know how to adjust the parameters?

Ah, damn... yes, that's the switch I meant. In any case, the full percentages should be present in the results files that DIVA loads in! If you just needed them to check on something:

Leland, you can select annotation objects via "_selDot" command and change the background color via the properties manager- though it does not expose any controls to change the text, so I think you are out of luck in this regard.

Hi Jonah,

The Daylight Factor results are always rounded to an integer, taking the floor of the floating point value. I believe the DIVA-Grasshopper components do the same. The daylight factor results files do show the results in absolute decimal notation, but that might not be very helpful to you. Luckily, the format of DF results files is pretty simple (X Y Z Normal Normal Normal Value), so if you are of the right mindset, it is pretty simple to load in text labels using Grasshopper and tokenizing strings using a space delimiter.

Just to I have an idea, what are you trying to achieve with your simulations?


Thanks Alstan,

We are doing daylight factor analyses for a fairly sophisticated client who knows the difference between a DF of 1.0 and 1.9. Given that many typical or target daylight factors are between 1.0 and 4.0 it would helpful to see a finer scale of values.

For the time being we will use GH to generate the display graphics we would like to see. But it would be helpful if DIVA included the option for manual runs within rhino.

Thank you,


Hi Jonah,

It certainly makes more sense to show decimals in a DF calculation than in the other DIVA metrics. I'm definitely adding it to our feature request list.

All the best,


Hi Alstan,

is is possible to show decimals in DF results or not yet?

I see that last post is dated a year ago.

many thanks in advance


Hi Pawel,

It is in the DIVA-3.0 beta. This update (decimal display) will be rolled back into DIVA-2.0 sometime in the near future as well for its final bug-fix release.



OK. thanks for information.

I'm looking forward for update.




Hi Alstan,

I'm glad to hear that it is possible to get the decimals with DIVA for DF calculation. But I just don't know how to activate this option in DIVA 4? Is this option still available for DIVA 4?

Best regards,


Using DIVA for Grasshopper, we are able to get the floating point values as we like. The gh components in DIVA 4 are intuitive and easy to use. I highly recommend moving to GH from plain DIVA for rhino. 

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