Is there a way to display digits after the decimal in the node values? especially for Daylight Factor.


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Hi Jonah,

Thanks for your reply. I am actually using DIVA fro GH because it is actually more intuitive as you said. However, I do not understand how to set the number of digits you want to show with DF component directly in GH. There is no such option as far as I know with DIVA component. I did export the .DAT file and reloaded the results to GH to get the DF with the number of digits I want but I was wondering if there is no easy way to do that directly through the component?

Here is the screenshot of my results. In the left is what DIVA directly gives me and in the right is what I get from the DAT file. So it works to reload the results from the DAT file but it'll be better to be able to manipulate those numbers without the rounding numbers.

Jonah Hawk said:

Using DIVA for Grasshopper, we are able to get the floating point values as we like. The gh components in DIVA 4 are intuitive and easy to use. I highly recommend moving to GH from plain DIVA for rhino. 

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