Different power consumption results for the same simulation files


I've been using Diva for Rhino for daylight simulations and now I'm having some problems with Daylight Availability simulations of a model set to a particular location, which gives out different power consumption results every time it is rerun although the very same parameters are used. 

Actually I seem to be getting two recurrent results with little variation about them. I've put together the attached spreadsheet where the "lighting" column from all our intgain files are put side-by-side and summed up at the bottom. The yellow columns are the results of the simulations done in my computer (ELAINE) and the orange ones are from my friend's computer (BEATRIZ). I ended up with totals that are either close to 148 or to 192, which are just too far apart.

All simulations used the same 3d model and weather file. The nodes were set to a height of 0.75 off the floor ("piso" layer) and to 0.50. Simulation options were set according to the image bellow. You'll find attached the results spreadsheet, 3d model, and occupancy schedule used in our simulations. This is the weather file I used: BRA_Brasilia.833780_SWERA.wea

Thanks in advance.

Elaine Queiroz.

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