Hi there,

I have a quick question about the differences in the same luminance image. The thing is when luminance simulations are finalized and "wxfalsecolor" Radiance Picture viewer displays the scene it looks brighter without outdoor environment. But when I go to "display" and click on "apply pcond" button, the same image gets darker tones with outdoor ground surfaces become visible and there seems to be some reflections on the glazing surfaces. 

Please see the two sample images (JPEG) attached here with the following file names:



I'll be happy to get some feedback about the main differences between these two images. Which one does represent the actual luminous environment and which is a modification of it?

Thank you for the help.


Omer T. Karaguzel, PhD

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Hi Omer,

Pcond is a command in Radiance that applies limits to the hdr images to better mimic the human visual response to light. Because high dynamic range images contain values outside the dynamic range of most displays, this option approximates how the image would look in reality with the visual adaptation of the human eye.

More info is here: http://radsite.lbl.gov/radiance/man_html/pcond.1.html



Many thanks, Kera. I am now clear about the difference between these images and the function of Pcond command.

I have another quick question. The wxFalsecolor program has several functions with specific terminology and requires some background understanding to effectively use them. Is there any references, online resources that provide explanations of these functions and related terminology? like a user guide/manual.

Thank you.



Hi Omer,

wxfalsecolor is a Radiance image viewer so a lot of the settings correspond with features on the Radiance page I sent you. More information for the other questions you may have is available on the wxfalsecolor usage page: http://tbleicher.github.io/wxfalsecolor/



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