I would like to make a glare study where I can se the effekt of the direct solar radiation through a shading. It is an internal fabric where I have the messured direct and difuse transmittance (incident values with no angle depandency). Preferably I would like to descibe the glas (unkonown 3 pane glas with low e coatings) and the fabric as one layer (material) in Radiance. Any suggenstions how this can be done?

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Hi Max,

You can manage this with a trans material. I would still recommend modeling your glazing and the shade separately for issues of clarity, and because I am not sure trans handles specular reflections in the same way as the glass material. Axel Jacobs has a really excellent description of the material in his Radiance Cookbook on pgs. 21-23.



Thanks a lot Alstan,

As I understand, I should add a new layer, maby one decimeter from the window, described as a trans material with the properties of the shading. Sounds like a good idea.

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