Diva analysis mesh to display as little squares instead of one gradiant surface

Hi everyone, I want to display illuminance values from Diva on my analysis mesh, I saw some people online have their mesh colors setup as little squares , how do I do that? can someone post a definition please. I'm currently able to display gradient colors on my mesh.

in the picture below, my mesh looks like the one on the left, I need my mesh to display like the one on the right. ( I found this picture in one of discussions on this forum )


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This is really a general Grasshopper question. You will want to begin from a NURBS surface, not a mesh. There are many separate ways and discussions online for how to achieve this. Once you have subsurfaces, you will want to evaluate each reparameterized surface as U=0.5 and V=0.5, which gives you a center point and a surface normal. Then offset the point slightly in the direction of the surface normal. The offset point coordinates and surface normals can be hooked up to DIVA. Each result would be used with the custom preview component to color the subsurfaces.


Thnaks Alstan, I was hesitant to post the question on this forum because it is related more to Grasshopper than it is to Diva, but I thought I might get a quicker response here. Your explanation helped a lot!

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