I have created a basic building with windows to analyse daylight autonomy. I created the building using VisualARQ. (screenshot attached). Unfortunately when I run DIVA, it's as if the building does not exist. Regardless of whether the roof is or off, the results show 98% daylight autonomy, which is impossible inside a building. DIVA works fine if I select a building that hasn't been built in VisualARQ , 

I'm a student and new to building simulation tech. I'd greatly appreciate any help you can provide but please keep it simple!

Kind regards


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Hi Rob,

If I remember correctly, VisualARQ geometry is built using blocks in Rhino, which DIVA's Rhino components can't interface with because blocks are skipped by the export command. You should be able to run calculations with this geometry in Grasshopper. Another option is to explode the block into a normal Rhino object, but I understand that may not be desirable.



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