Hey All - I've got a rather newbie question about how the new DIVA 4.0 'BatchRunner' component works.

At first I thought this might be a way to run multiple different simulations for different files, i.e. if you have multiple 'Annual daylight' components on the same canvas with different names.  But this doesn't seem to be the case? 

It seems like it's mainly used for running multiple camera simulations, which run multiple simulations from a single component?  And if this is the case, it looks like a .dlt file needs to be in the run folder before it will write the .group.bat file.  My basic understanding is the .dlt file gets produced after the simulation is complete, so wouldn't you have to batch it before that? 

I'm looking for a little clarification on how the batch runner works, and am asking a larger question on how to batch multiple runs together to run in parallel. 

Thanks all!

Jacob Dunn

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Hi Jacob,

Your first guess is the right idea -- you just have to write the annual daylight jobs to the same parent folder, e.g. "MyBatch\Run1", "MyBatch\Run2", etc.  Then give the name "MyBatch" to the BatchRunner.  It will run all the sub folders in parallel (unless Sub is set to false).


Jon - Thanks, that makes sense! 

Jacob Dunn

Jacob and Jon,

I have two follow up questions specific to your discussion. I haven't been able to find much information to answer them so I'm hoping you'll be able to provide insight. 

I have a set-up where I'd like to be able to run 5 buildings with 4 floors each. I've developed a version that makes its way through each building and floor generating Daylight Analysis. I am hoping that I can leverage my machine's 4 cores with the batch component to cut the run-time down to 1/4. 

My first question is a follow up to Jacob's initial question. It seems that in order to be able to run the group.bat file I need to have at least started running analyses for all of the grids so that each subfolder has a .bat file in it. Do you have any suggestions for expediting that process besides animating a slider to scrub through every grid before starting a new analysis?

My second question has to do with an error a keep encountering when running the batch runner. I've uploaded a screen shot of the error that shows up in the cmd. In this case I am attempting to batch run two floors. The subfolders for them both have .bat files in them that match the path the group.bat files is looking for. Any thoughts as to where I should start looking to fix this?



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