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So I've been trying to run a simulation for the climate-based analysis to test out the efficiency of a shading design on the exterior of a building, but the simulation keeps producing the same results. The results show that the entire floor is completely in the red zone, and when I zoom up closer to the labeled nodes, they all say 99. Judging from other pictures I've seen, it seems that the nodes should all be different numbers. Additionally, my simulation takes about 2 and a half hours to finish meshing everything and then brings up the first simulation window that stops working after a few lines of text. In order to produce results at all, I have to close out that window, which then brings up a second window which continues to produce the results shown. The model I'm using has been imported from Autodesk's Revit via a DWG file, so I don't know if that's the root of the cause. Otherwise, I haven't found anything in the other discussions, so I would very much appreciate some help.

I'll attach a screenshot of the results.

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Looks to me like you're simply viewing this model in "shaded" view and your layer is red? 

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