I have installed DIVA 4.0 in Rhino 6, and the license file seems to be loading successfully. When I open Rhino, I have the DIVA toolbar, but none of the buttons open any dialog boxes or cause anything to happen. The command line in Rhino just says "Program Info." I also seem to have two DIVA toolbars: 'DIVA_R6', and 'plugins.DIVA_R6' - see attached screenshot below.

Also, when I open Rhino, a file appears in the folder: DIVA>64bitpluginfiles>R6 Could this be part of the error? (see second screenshot attached)

Does anyone know what a good process to correct this installation is? Any help is appreciated. Thank you,


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I also have already checked and my Rhino Language localization is running in English - United States. I have uninstalled and re-installed DIVA several times now. Any thoughts are much appreciated!

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