This is with reference to an earlier post that still has no response, and we appreciate any help in resolving this. 

The student is part of a course with a lab component at UC Berkeley wherein they have to use DIVA for daylighting and thermal simulations. He has been unable to participate in class as he is unable to run DIVA despite different trouble shooting attempts. We appreciate any thoughts on how to resolve the issue. The discussion has been pasted below:

Posted by Zachary Whiteman on February 14, 2019 at 12:03pm in DIVA-Rhino (version 2.0)

I have installed DIVA 4.0 in Rhino 6, and the license file seems to be loading successfully. When I open Rhino, I have the DIVA toolbar, but none of the buttons open any dialog boxes or cause anything to happen. The command line in Rhino just says "Program Info." I also seem to have two DIVA toolbars: 'DIVA_R6', and 'plugins.DIVA_R6' - see attached screenshot below.
Also, when I open Rhino, a file appears in the folder: DIVA>64bitpluginfiles>R6 Could this be part of the error? (see second screenshot attached)
Does anyone know what a good process to correct this installation is? Any help is appreciated. Thank you,

I also have already checked and my Rhino Language localization is running in English - United States. I have uninstalled and re-installed DIVA several times now. Any thoughts are much appreciated!

Thank you


Haripriya Sathyanarayanan

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