DIVA Error: VBScript runtime error, Path not found, Line: 2017, Char: 2

Hi all,

I'm running shadow studies (timelapse visualizations) and I keep receiving this error:

Source: Microsoft VBScript runtime error

Error: Path not found

Line: 2017

Char: 2


I've checked for bad geometry, site location file (epw) is fine, no nodes to deal with, and all materials are set to standard 70% reflectance for all materials.

Any ideas of what is going on?


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Hi Kaley,

I wonder if you are running the simulation from a network drive? That often results in DIVA not being able to move the files into the results folder properly.



Hi Alstan,

i have this problem as well recently( im using trial Rhino and DIVA), especially after i "save as" the model, the DIVA can't create the result folder, so it will appear this error code that Path not found.

But if i manual create a result folder, i.e. folder name "xxx - DIVA" and all the sub folders in it, the problem will be solved.


Xiong Xin

Hi Xiong Xin,

Thanks for your explanation. That sounds like a strange kind of permissions error where Rhino is not able to do things like make a folder. Indeed that could also be the issue that Kaley is experiencing.


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