Diva for Rhino free 30-day trial isn't working! License expired

Hi, I downloaded Diva for Rhino over 3 month ago and I just installed it today, I tried to use it but I wasn't able to do so because I get a pop up message that says your 30-day trial ended !!!! I'm working on an independent research project (I'm a future PhD student, I just got accepted for PhD at a couple of universities) and I need to get Diva for Rhino to work as soon as possible.

Any ideas ?

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If you ever used DIVA before, reinstalling does not reset the trial period. Since you asked some questions in 2013, I suspect this might be the case. For the time being I would suggest to download our 1.9 version, which is free.




I don't think I installed it before, I only installed the Grasshopper component, and I asked some questions specifically about the GH component, I'm aware that re-downloading any free trial software won't reset the time limit. that was around last November and maybe I'm confused and I installed and I forgot about it, I think I'm going crazy because I don't get enough sleep, spending too much time playing with Grasshopper :)  Anyways, will Diva for Rhino 1.9 work with Rhino 5 x64 ? and the latest grasshopper?

Thanks for your help.

Definitely yes for Rhino 5 x64. As for grasshopper, I am not sure.



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