Hi everyone.

I’m using DIVA for Rhino (V 5) for some lighting analysis, both natural and artificial. I modelled a simple room 7m x 7m and set a grid (6m x 6m, 0,80m height, 0,50m distance between the points of the grid) The position of the room is Turin and the occupancy schedule is Mon-Fri, 7-15. The windows are all on north side of the room and there are no shading sysyems. 

I set a “Photosensor Controlled Dimming” for artificial lighting. The ballast loss factor is set at 20%. After running simulations, I checked .csv and .ill files and there are some discrepancies. 

Considering just occupied hours, in cases when the illuminance exceeds the target illuminance I set (500 lx), I would have expected that the lighting amount was 0,2 (because of the ballast loss factor effect). Instead, in several cases ,this don’t happens and the lighting amount is 0. 

In other cases, looking at illuminance values compared to my target illuminance, the result of lighting amount does not seem to be consistent. 

In addition, when “Manual Switch ON/OFF” lighting control system is set, in the csv file I see many cases in which the lighting amount is not 0 or 1 but a fractional number. This control system should set the lighting amount to 0 if the illuminance is higer than my target; to 1 if it is lower. Instead, in several cases I detected  fractional values (that I would have expected from a dimming system).

Are those discrepancies due to some errors or they are a sort adjustments to fit with the users behaviour in real cases?

I tried to look up in the forum to see if someone else had the same problem but I didn't find how to solve it.

I also attached the csv and ill files so that you can see the results of my sims.

Thanks in advence for your help.


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