I'm new in Grasshopper world, and I have to simulate a building covered with PV panels. So I need to add the information about Sunpower E20 Solar Panel Cell to the material list. I added the script below on the material list and also the calibration file on the Radiance library. But this material is still not showing up on the material list, what can I do to fix this problem?

void texfunc Pucker
6 puck_dx puck_dy puck_dz pucker.cal -s 4.0
1 0.0035

Pucker ashik2 Sunpower_PVCells
4 0 1 1 .
8 0.006995137 0.008994048 0.021037648 0.029284513 0.029518141 0.030717789 100 100

Kind Regards, 

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Hi Ines,

Are you editing the material.rad file in C:\DIVA\Daylight\?  This is the only one Grasshopper pays attention to.


Sorry -- I failed to read your material definition before posting that. :)

"ashik2" is not a valid Radiance material type, so DIVA refuses to list it in the dropdown.

Hi Jon, 

I think I solved the problem using a plaster with the settings of the PV panel.

# material PVCells
void plastic E20_PVCells
5 0.0360 0.0383 0.0532 0.0290 0.000
Do you think it could work?

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