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Am I right in concluding that when using the DIVA Grasshopper workflow you cannot directly simulate the ASE and sDA shading controls required for LM-83 and LEED v4 daylight credit requirements?  I know you can do it in DIVA-Rhino, and I know that I could set something up to post process two different simulation runs in Grasshopper to mimic LM-83, but I wanted to make sure I understood all of the current manual/automatic shading simulation capabilities in DIVA Grasshopper and that I wasn't missing something obvious.

It seems like we could set up a 2% ASE trigger using the manual shading workflow, but this would induce the lightswitch algorithm for blind control and would thus over-penalize when comparing to LM-83 and its ideal active occupant scenario.

If this isn't possible with the DIVA Grasshopper 4.0 components, is this going to be available in DIVA 5?


Jacob Dunn 

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Hi Jacob,

Apologies for the late reply. Yes -- you are correct that the LM-83 recommended shading control is not available by default using the Grasshopper components.  To mimic the 2% trigger, you should create auto shading sensors from your grid and specify a threshold >2% of them.  See my response to this post.

And yes, this will be a default feature in DIVA 5.


Long overdue, but thanks Jon for the replies!  Just curious, ETA on DIVA 5.0?  

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