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I'm having a problem trying to simulation manual blind control in the DIVA grasshopper environment.  When I try to run the simulation, the command prompt never pops up and the file is frozen.  This has happened to me on two different models on two different computers in the office --- so I though it was time to post to the forums. 

Attached is the grasshopper definition with internalized geometry data in the BREPs.  I've added the following hidden inputs to the DIVA window component:

  • set 'RollerShade_AutoGenerate' for shading geometry input
  • set 'manual' for the shading control input
  • set the spacing of the control points to 5'
  • set 1' for the minimum area input. 

Any insight would be appreciated!  Thanks y'all!


-Jacob Dunn

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Hi Jacob,

Your definition runs fine on my end.  I'm using v4.0.2.54.  (You can right click on the black bar in the center of the components to check your version #.)  Do other Annual Daylight definitions work for you?  e.g. the example files in C:\DIVA\ExampleFiles\Grasshopper\Daylight?


Jon -

My apologies for the late reply, had to move on from that project and just use DIVA Rhino Classic, but now I'm running into the same issue.  

The component version is v4.0.2.57.  Also, I just tried the "02_AnnualDaylight_B_OpenOfficeWithShading.gh" example file, but it also freezes upon trying to click the 'run' toggle button.  Same issues for other computers in our office.  Very strange.

Thanks for the help!

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