I'm currently running analysis in GH + DIVA using mesh vertices as nodes. The metrics seem OK (although not sure how to confirm) and when I construct a color gradient mesh to visualize the data on the model, the gradient confirms some assumptions about orientation, etc. Is it advisable to use mesh vertices as analysis nodes along with the mesh face normals as vectors or am I just getting lucky with simple models and i should not set up the GH file this way? Attaching some screens captures.

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When you use a mesh for visualization / node, make sure your mesh vertices are actually slightly offset frmo the surface- them being coincident can mess with your results. As for testing whether what you see is ok, you might want to run the occasional image-based radiation metric- if the results are wildly different on similar patches of geometry, comparing the image to the in-scene gradient output, something will be wrong. Otherwise.. if it works it works :)



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