hi everyone,

i am using diva in grasshopper to run a point in time illuminance simulation for a louver design.

basically the section of the louver is an ellipse-like shape. but when i try to deform the ellipse a bit the diva just can not give a result.

i am wondering if diva prefer any shapes than others, i am assuming diva mesh the breps by default settings before starting simulation. and if that is the case, do you think i can solve the problem by doing some mesh refining before passing the shape information to diva?

i hope i made myself clear.

thanks in advance!

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Yes, the material component meshes the breps you bring into it.  There shouldn't be an issue with a deformed ellipse.  But if you want to control the meshing procedure yourself, you can create your own meshes and pass them into the material component directly.

One technique for meshing the louver might be converting the profile curve to a polyline of a suitable number of segments, extruding, exploding the resulting brep, and then using Grasshopper's Mesh Surface component to convert each face to a single-quad mesh (by setting U and V to 1).  This has the benefit of reducing the overall mesh face count to the number of segments in the polyline (which you control).


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